Executives Coaching

This service is exclusively for owner and executives Looking for

leadership development,

strategic planning,

and other high-level business needs.

Startup Coaching

First time business owners or startups who need guidance starting the business is one of the most important service we offer and can make you save time and money by getting the right advice.

After determining the Financial Situation and Setting Reasonable Financial Goals we accompany you along the way:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Business Plan
  3. Setting Up Your Business
  4. Naming Your Business
  5. Strategic Positioning
  6. Mission and Vision
  7. Marketing & Branding
  8. Payment System
  9. Selling
  10. Employee Mentoring
  11. Accounting 
  12. more…

H.R Coaching

Either you are Looking for employee engagement opportunities or building the overall moral of the organization we will be with you to assist you.

we can assist you building moral of your organisation, hire a new employee or set your minimum requirement for the group:

  1. one by one
  2. per group

Sales Coaching

Service designed for managers of a sales force team that needs to perform better and in need of sales guidance, creating metrics, and sales training.

it is very important to monitor your sales its easy way to figure out if you are on the good way or you need to change something on your strategy and no one else is better than coach to locate those points.